Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cassia/Henna Treatment one week after texturiser


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I decided to use henna on my hair. So I  applied an oil treatment to my hair and left it overnight.  The oils, I used were olive oil, Vatika oil and castor oil. Then I made a cassia/henna mixture, also adding coconut milk, amla, Brahmi powders.  Coconut oil, castor oil were also added as well as nettle tea. The mixture was made into a creamy paste and I left it on my hair for 4 hours.  After washing out the mixture with a conditioner.  I moisturised with a deep conditioner, castor oil, Mane and Tea deep moisturising conditioner, Dove moisturising conditioner and aloe vera gel.  This was left it on my hair for nearly one hour, then I rinsed off my  hair with tepid water and in my final rinse, I used 4 cups of filtered water and 1 capful of aloe vera juice.  So that my hair is at the right pH.

The first picture shows freshly washed hair after using cassia/henna treatment.  The next picture is my hair nearly dry.  I noticed that my hair has more body.   I really like the results and I will be doing the treatment again and much sooner than doing it every month.  I am still not sure, how I feel about having  a texturiser done.  On the one hand, I didn't like how my hair looks, but it is much more manageable. The cassia/henna treatment has definitely improved my hair.

What I have noticed that has really helped with the softness of my hair is filtered water, which I use in a spray    bottle with aloe vera juice, a little conditioner with rosewater.

I hope to explore many different moisturisers to keep my hair soft, especially my roots.

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